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Shadow Supply Inc..

​​Shadow Supply Inc. can be your one-stop-shop for all your medical, select laundry products (rubber laundry bag closures), body art, tattoo and piercing supply needs.  Please call, email ( or visit us at our well-stocked store in Brunswick Ohio.  We look forward to doing business with 9-5 Tue-Fri, 10-2 Saturdays...(other times by special appointment by texting us at 330-220-6180 after hours.)

Shadow Supply Inc. has been providing medical, dental, and laundry products; tattoo and piercing supplies for years to the Cleveland, Brunswick, and surrounding areas in Ohio and throughout the United States.  Our selections of products, including gloves, cleaners, rubber laundry bag closures, tattoo kits, tattoo machines, needles, combo's, inks, etc. include all the top name brands.  

Our store is located at 825 Pearl Rd. in Brunswick Ohio, just south of Cleveland and North of the main Brunswick interchange of St. Routes 303 and 42.  When you visit our store you will quickly see why Shadow Supply Inc. is the premier of supply stores.  Our quality selection is large and prices extremely competitive to any other store or on line in Ohio or worldwide.  If we don't have the tattoo equipment you want we will order it especially for you. But, chances are...we will have it!!

Gloves:  Powdered or Powder-Free, all sizes
               Emerald Powdered                                 
               Emerald Powder-Free                            
               Black Jack Powder-Free                        
               Nitrile Powder-Free                                

Medical Supplies: A&D Ointments, Tapes, Gauze Sponges, PlyCell & Dri-Loc Pads

Dental Supplies: Dental bibs, masks, gloves, sterilization bags

Tinctures of Green Soap:                                          Pints or Gallons

Sterilization Solutions: Cidex Plus                            Gallons
Sterilization Bags:                                                       Large selection of sizes (for AutoClave Use)
Germicidal Cleaners: HBV:                                         Gallons
Do-it All:                                                                        Quarts
Cavicide:                                                                       Quarts or Gallons

Tattooing Needles on bar: Liners, Shaders... #1 thru #18
Mags (#5-15) & Flats (#4-8)
Disposable Tubes (Round/Diamond/Flat): for all needle sizes; in black or white
Tubes; Stainless (Set Screw, Screw in, Mandrel )                   
Tips: Stainless Steel;  Set Screw or screw type; also disposable tips
One Piece Stainless steel Tube/Tip                                                  

Disposable Combos (Needle w/Tube & Grommet): Black or White w/rubber grip                                

Tattooing Machines: Large Selection...coil and rotary
Clip Cords, Foot-Switches, Clip Cord Covers, Grommets                                                                 
Power Supplies: Call for Types/ Large Selection on hand
Tattooing Machine Coils, Brushes, Repair Parts
Transfer Paper: 8 1/2 x 11, 8 1/2 x of 100 sheets

Tattooing Kits (Various Types from Apprentice to Professional)

Tattooing Inks: Intenze/Starbrite/MOMS Millenium:   1 oz - 2 oz - 4 oz  bottles
Mix or Match: Set of 10......   $$Savings!!!

Also: Kuro Sumi Colors:  1 oz
          Kuro Sumi Black Outlining Ink: 6 oz/12 oz
          Kuro Sumi Graywash Shading Ink: 6 oz/12 oz

Piercing Supplies: Piercing Kits, Needles, Openers, Closers, Forester Clamps, Mini-Pennington's,Tapers, Septum Clamps, Corks

Body Jewelry: Tunnels, Barbell Studs, Nipple Shields, Nose Screws, Navel Bars, etc

Laundry Products: Rubber laundry bag closures ​

Call us at 330-220-6180 or email at for pricing and product descriptions, etc.

Shadow Supply Inc., located in Brunswick Ohio, providing select medical and laundry products (rubber laundry bag closures), tattoo supplies, tattoo kits, tattoo equipment, tattoo machines, piercing supplies; easy drive within Cleveland, Brunswick, and shipping worldwide.
Shadow Supply Inc. can be your one-stop-shop for all your Body Art and Tattoo/Piercing Supply needs. 

Please call/text us at 330-220-6180 (after hours please text 330-220-6180)

email ( or visit us at our store.  We look forward to doing business with you.